We cater for 6 Month to five year olds.  Our staff have recognised qualifications and all are experienced.  We aim to provide a happy, healthy safe learning environment, where children may experience through doing.  Children learn best when they work at their own level of understanding, when they are encouraged to explore and discover, and when staff are there to support and scaffold their learning. We have an open door policy and welcome your visits.


Our centre environment is set up daily with a variety of activities to support children’s current interests and stimulate new ones.  Our programme is linked to the National Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whaariki which promotes the holistic development of all children extending and developing their social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills, encouraging them to become competent and capable learners.



Each child has a portfolio.  Inside is placed Learning Stories, anecdotal notes, child’s voices, parent’s voices, artwork and other items relevant your child’s development and their time at Christopher Robin. Please take the time to look through your child’s portfolio with them.


Please send your children with a bag containing, changes of clothing, any toys, muslins, blankies etc they may need for sleep time (all other bedding is provided.), nappies (if needed), bottles (if needed).  All children’s items need to be named Thanks.



Each day children are provided with freshly made meals.  A menu is on display on the kitchen notice board, and you are welcome to check any time.  Parents of young babies who are starting solids need to provide their own meals. Also children with specific food requirements i.e. allergies need to provide alternative meals.



All children sleep in the sleep room which is attached to the main building.  For younger babies we like to stick close to the routine the child is used to, and if you can provide us with this information we will record this and use it as a guide.  Our main period of sleep time is from 12:30 – 3, and a staff member sits at all times with the children helping them to settle and being there to help them when they wake up.  Outside of this time a staff member will help settle the child and check on them every 10 minutes, and then assist them to get up. If there is a certain period of time you want your child to sleep please let us know.


Please stay and play with your child if she/he needs settling in.  Teachers are always available to support your child to settle in when you need to leave. Always say goodbye to your child as it is important that they know you are leaving. And please do not hesitate to phone if you wish to find out how their day is going.  If your child is too distressed we will contact you. 


Please send in your child’s bag each day 2 – 3 named nappies.  If your child is toilet training please let us know so we can also provide support and continuity.  We have a chart in the changing area on which nappy changes and toileting is recorded, feel free to check any time.



We need to comply with health regulations in respect of contagious illnesses such as Chicken Pox or Measles, and we ask that you keep your child at home if they are vomiting or have diarrhoea, as other children will be at risk.  Please bring in your child’s immunisation certificate for sighting and recording on our register.



Medicines are kept in the fridge or in basket above fridge, and details are to be written up and signed by the parent on the Medication Register which is situated on the kitchen notice board.  Parents are also asked to inform staff verbally.  Staff will administer medication, sign and note the time on the register.

We look forward to working in partnership with you and your child/children, and including you as part of the Christopher Robin Childcare community.  Please do not hesitate to approach any of the staff with any questions or concerns you may have.