Our kids love it here. My baby looks so happy in the morning when
she arrives I know she's really loved by the staff. My son, whose
been here for four years, is on the eccentric side and everyone at
Christopher Robin has impressed us with how they've gone out of their
way to support his range of interests. From dinosaur names to
building robots to writing books, everyone here goes out of there way
to ensure the kids are stimulated by what interests them."

Vanessa Alexander &  Mike Meylan

On visiting Christopher Robins for the first time (one of many facilities

visited), I immediately felt confident and secure in sending my 11 month

old son there. I was instantly struck by how well adjusted and happy the

children that attended were. The set up is excellent, offering sufficient

outdoor area, plenty of educational toys and climbing facilities. Better still,

there are a superb team of child care teachers who are individually attentive,

kind and genius at devising innovative, clever and fun activities for the kids.

There are regular, out of the ordinary exciting opportunities for the children

(eg firefighter visits, trips to the tip top factory etc).

I would not hesitate to recommend Christopher Robin to any parents

(and in fact do rave and recommend on a regular basis).

Jo Austad

We’ve had one or both of our children at Christopher

Robins for over 4 years now. Our children have always

been really happy there, and all the teachers are very

loving and really care about the children. The centre is

small and very relaxed, and the environment is stimulating

and creative. I’m always impressed at the latest activity

they’re involved in, whether it’s volcanoes, gardening,

baking scones, leaf rubbing or fire engines.

Thanks Christopher Robins for taking such good care of

our babies!

Carolyn and Glen Armstrong